Become Certified

The benefits of becoming certified are numerous. Whether you are just starting out in your floral career, or a seasoned pro wanting to up your game, you are in the right place. You’ll learn about cut flower identification, flower and plant care, the elements and principals of design, color and light in floral design, floral design concepts and styles, how to choose the proper container, and proper techniques and mechanics.

And, to top it off, CCF florists have also been known to get a premium for their product. You’ll also become a part of a community of florists committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism in the floral industry.

Applicants may pursue certification independently or may be sponsored by their employer. Sponsored applicants who attain certification will receive a certificate for their employer to proudly display.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Review our FAQs page for answers to questions you may have on becoming certified.

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  • The Exam

    Get information and resources on taking the exam to become certified.

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